// Casual Highlights

Casual Corp brings concepts from idea to scale. We’re a social product studio that makes the creation and iteration of social products fast and repeatable. Our proven patterns apply across multiple verticals, ultimately de-risking the process of entrepreneurship and streamlining disruptive innovation.

At their core, Casual concepts are casual+personal+social. More specifically: each one lowers the barriers to entry for casual engagement; provides a personally relevant user experience; and builds external social pressure for re-engagement.

Social Engagement Expertise

We build social products based on deep expertise in engaging massive audiences and driving behavior change at scale. The Casual Corp team has deployed the same product and empathic design mechanics to influence health care choices and sell virtual goods in social games at Zynga, reaching over 250 million users.

Data Driven Product Development

The fastest way to validate models and theories is to put them into practice. Our process entails developing concepts that capture little bets and creating learning opportunities to inform product decisions. These lessons validate how to scale up a new product or optimize an existing one.

Instead of taking millions of dollars and months to validate a concept, our process and technology platform accelerates it to negligible costs and time measured in days.

Common Technology Platform

We accelerate product turnaround time by leveraging our internal technology platform and APIs. The platform supports both standalone products as well as integration via external APIs.

We embody best practices and internal findings in our repeatable patterns, such as effecting behavior change across a large population or integrating content sharing networks. Clients benefit from our patterns and expertise by drastically reducing rework and rapidly building social products.

Read more about the Casual tech platform here.